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British pattern 1853 socket bayonet
Nice British patt 1853 socket bayonet Free UK Postage ..
British Pattern 1895 Naval Cutlass by mole
British pattern 1895 naval cutlass by mole looks like the grip has been painted at some point  ..
Canadian ross bayonet with british patt 08 frog
Canadian Ross MK2 Bayonet with British Patt08 frog Free UK Postage ..
Captured French Lebel bayonet with German Eagle
Captured French Lebel bayonet with German Eagle stamp Free UK Postage ..
EB127 German Captured French m1886 unit marked bayonet
ON HOLD EB127 German captured french m1886 2nd west prussian foot artillery marked with german eagle..
french double barrelled socket bayonet
french double barrelled socket bayonet free uk postage socket length 340mm ..
French M1892 Berthier matching numbers bayonet
Very nice matching numbers M1892 Berthier bayonet  Free UK Postage ..
German 1871 mauser bayonet train battalion unit marked
German 1871 mauser bayonet train battalion unit marked scabbard  Alex Coppel and Erfurt mark..
German 1884 98 bayonet
Nice German 1884/98 bayonet by Alex Coppel 1887 dated  Free UK Postage  ..
German 1884 98 Bayonet matching unit markings 1RH128
German 1884/98 Matching unit markings 1.R.H.1.28. And the scabbard has 1.28. Reserve Husaren regi..
German 1884 98 Matching numbers 15 U 1 60
1884/98 matching numbers 15.U.1.60 Ulanen Regiment Free UK Postage ..
German 1884 98 sawback removed bayonet
Nice 1884/98 sawback removed bayonet by Gottlieb Hammesfahr Free UK Postage ..
German 1st model s98 bayonet one piece grip
S98 1st model one piece grip bayonet dated 1910 non matching numbers Free UK Postage ..
German 84 98 sawback bayonet
German 84/98 sawback bayonet by GEBR HELLER  Free UK Postage ..
German 98 05 butcher bayonet Capt J H Stevens send home label
German 98/05 butcher bayonet by Waffenfabrik Mauser with send home label Capt J.H.Stevens Horseco..
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