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No4 MK1 Cruciform bayonet
Nice no4 mk1 cruciform bayonet  Free UK Postage ..
Norwegian Jarmann M1884 Army model bayonet
Very rare Norwegian m1884 bayonet has light pitting all over the bayonet  Bayonet seems to h..
Norwegian m1914 krag bayonet
Norwegian m1914 krag bayonet  Free UK Postage  ..
Norwegian model 1860 bayonet
Nice Norwegian model 1860  Free UK Postage  ..
Pattern 1856 Lancaster bayonet
Nice pattern 1856 Lancaster bayonet with unusual botton chape thats been replaced in steel  ..
Polish captured French lebel bayonet
Polish captured French lebel bayonet with polish unit markings Wz.86/93. Free UK postage  ..
Private purchase double barrel hunting bayonet
A very unusual double barrel hunting bayonet with horn grip most beautiful cross guard  I th..
Prussian m65 71 Hirschfanger bayonet
Very nice Prussian m65/71 Hirschfanger unit marked 7.J.3.11. Also P.K.V.ST.86 Free UK Postage&..
Prussian model 1860 fusilier bayonet
Prussian model 1860 fusilier bayonet  Free UK Postage ..
Rare Belgian made Ersatz bayonet for the Chinese
Rare Belgian made Ersatz for the chinese around 1930"s  first one ive seen in scabbard and frog..
Rare German EB61 bayonet unrecorded variation
Rare german eb61 unrecorded variation pictured in roy williams part two page 528  Free UK Po..
Rare German ks frog
Rare German KS frog  Free UK postage ..
Rare Indonesian bayonet
Rare Indonesian bayonet utilising Dutch and Japanse parts (bayonet book page 479) Blade and hilt ..
Rare m1860 98 rehilt german bayonet
Rare M1860/98 rehilt has small dent to bottom off scabbard blade has some stains  Still very..
Swiss Waffenfabrik Neuhausen 1914 pioneer sawback bayonet
Swiss 1914 model sawback bayonet  Free UK Postage  ..
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