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1st Pattern Brunswick Bayonet By Enfield
1st Pattern Brunswick By Enfield  Free UK Postage ..
Australian marked SMLE Hook Quillion V 2 2299
Australian Unit Marked Hook Quillion by EFD Dated 06/11 blade has some staining  V.2.2299 We..
Italian FAT 59 Fighting Knife
Italian Fat 59 Fighting Knife  Free UK Postage ..
Italian M1870 Vetterli Bayonet
Italian M1870/87  Vetterli Bayonet  Free UK Postage ..
Japanese type 30 Arisaka bayonet TALW Arsenal marked
Japanese type 30 Arisaka Toyada Automatic loom works Nagoya Arsenal marked  Free UK Postage ..
S98 Bavarian Matching numbers Sawback Bayonet
Rare S98 Bavarian Matching numbers sawback marked 6018 and on the scabbard frog stud  Free U..
US M3 Fighting knife by Camillus
US M3 Fighting knife by Camillus blade has lost some bluing  Free UK Postage ..
US V 44 Legitimus No 18 knife
US V44 Legitimus No18 knife blade has some staining  Free UK Postage ..
WW1 German Fighting knife by ERN WALD RHEINL
SOLD Very Nice WW1 German Knife by ERN WALD RHEINL  Free UK Postage ..
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